Banshu Ikkon Yamahai Junmai Aiyama 720ml

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Banshu Ikkon Yamahai Junmai Aiyama 720ml


Banshu Ikkon Yamahai Junmai Aiyama 720ml

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Origin: Hyogo

Spec: Junmai

Volume: 720ml

Alcohol: 15 %

Sake Meter Value: +2

Rice Polishing Rate: Koji Rice 65% / Kake Rice 65%

he brewery was founded in "Hyogo" Prefecture 180 years ago by "Keiichiro Tsubosaka". After domestic consumption of "Sake" fell in the 1990s, our brewery aimed to improve the quality of our "Sake". We started to make "Daiginjo" from "Yamada Nishiki" and it was then that our own brand, "Banshu Ikkon", was born. The 7th generation owner, "Yuichi Tsubosaka", who was appointed “Toji”. is intent on constantly improving brewing standards and taking "Banshu Ikkon" into the new era of "Sake" making; he is attuned to the brewing science and data and he thinks of how best to overcome new challenges and modernise the brewing of "Sake".